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INTERVIEWER: We are in the Hope Pastures area with one of our most favorite customers, Michelle McKenzie. Could you tell the viewers how long you have been using the Pump-N-Spray?

MICHELLE: As you may know Hope Pastures is one the worst hit areas in terms of water restrictions so water is always a problem. Since about the end of May I saw the Pump-N-Spray advertised on TV one morning and decided to purchase it, since that time I have acquired between 10 and 15 not only for me but other friends of mine who have serious water issues and we have found it very efficient. Although I have tanks unless there is NWC water to replace water in the tanks you have to conserve and I think the drought is not going to get better for now so I would encourage anybody who wants to have a good shower and not bathe out of a bucket to purchase a Pump-N-Spray.

INTERVIEWER: Tell us about Pump-N-Spray

BOY1: Its amazing

INTERVIEWER: Why is it amazing?

BOY1: Its like a toy to me, Its very fun to use

BOY2: And it sprays the water very fast

BOY1: You should make more of these

KIBWE: I think I have had my pumpnspray for about 8 months, I was actually just telling someone that once water went and I had two massive tanks, but two massive tanks finished and I didnt have water for two weeks and this thing literally saved my life. It was magical. It saves the water, so I found myself not using as much water as I normally do when I try to bathe out of a bucket, which made my life easier. Then I discovered, that if you pump it the right way you can actually not pump and it just showers out to you like a shower. So I was pretty impressed, so I actually tell everybody about it. It works!
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