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Thriving In a Time of Scarcity - [The Jamaica Observer 2015-07-23]

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[The Jamaica Observer 2015-07-23] So much in our world depends on the supply of water. People, animals and plants need water to survive, many businesses rely on water to produce goods and services, and water also provides recreational benefits. Without water, life as we know it would cease to exist. [Read More]

TVJ Morning Smile - Pump-N-Spray 2015-07-18

Inventor of the Pump-N-Spray, Jovan Evans, shares his story on TVJ's Morning Smile. Watch the story that took him from bathing from a bucket to selling a product that is helping hundreds of Jamaicans to take regular showers without running water.

World Water Day Discussion , with Basil Fernandez and Jovan Evans

National Water Resource Authority Director Basil Fernandez and local inventor of the Pump-N-Spray, Jovan Evans, introduce the UN World Water Day 2015 on CVM at sunrise. Watch as they discuss the UN World Water Day goals and achievements as well as a short demonstration of the Pump-N-Spray.


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